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Projects - Palm Jumeirah

Forty towers on Palm Jumeirah’s trunk require PDC to provide cooling capacity of 126,000TR, with a piping distribution network of 16 km. The District Cooling model provided requires two plant rooms of 28,000TR (known as T1 & T2) at one location at the onshore end of the island, and two further plants of 22,500TR (T4) and 26,500 (T3) at the top end of the Trunk. T1 is operational and supplying the First Phase of the development; and Plant T3 is currently being commissioned. Construction of T4 is complete and it will be brought on line before the end of 2009 and T2 is yet to be constructed in line with the Nakheel Master Phasing Plan for the development.

On the Palm Jumeirah Crescent, PDC provides cooling of 136,000TR, with 24 km of network piping connecting 40 plots. These include the renowned Atlantis Project, which alone currently requires 45,000 TR of cooling. The Crescent is a three-island development connected by two bridges. It requires four plant rooms located in the middle island and the total capacity of the chilled water plants is some 110,000TR. All four Plant Rooms are complete and Plants No.2 and 3 are commissioned and supplying the development plots. Plant No.1 is planned to be commissioned before the Summer of 2010 and the remaining Plant No.4 will be brought on line as the development plots become complete in line with the Nakheel Master Phasing Plan.

Palm District Cooling